Do I need Adobe CS5, CS6 or CC to use TypeDNA?
No, you only need CS5, CS6 or CC if you wish to use TypeDNA's Plugged-in solution. This extends all functions direct into Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Without Adobe CS5, CS6 or CC you can still enjoy all features through the standalone application.

Can I use TypeDNA with an existing Font Manager in place?
Yes, if you wish to run an existing font manager in parallel, you can do so. It is recommended that you leave font activation and deactivation to your existing font manager, and continue to add new fonts to your existing font manager. Fonts that have an active status in your current font manager will appear in TypeDNA. Any fonts that you activate from your current font manager will automatically appear in TypeDNA.

What makes TypeDNA different to traditional font managers?
Traditional font managers, are quite basic in what they offer. They usually offer little more than management functions, including activation and grouping. TypeDNA starts where traditional font managers finish, offering tools that help you be more creative with fonts.

TypeDNA offers tools like Similarity, Harmony, Attribute Filters and SmartChoice. Do these tools use meta or Panose data?
No, TypeDNA works purely on analyzing characteristics of each glyph contained within a font. This approach works with any TTF, OTF or PS font.

Why did you extend all features into Adobe CS5, CS6, CC?
Traditionally a font manager runs outside of an application. The closest it comes to an application is ensuring fonts are activated when they need to be. We thought why not extend all tools direct within the applications where they will be used most.

Do you have a CS2, CS3 or CS4 plug-in?
Unfortunately due to limitations in earlier API's we could not achieve everything we wanted to with older version of Adobe CS. For this reason we are focusing on CS5 and beyond.

Do you have plug-ins for Dreamweaver, After Affects, Flash, Premiere?
Currently we only have plug-ins for Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. We are exploring expanding to other applications.

Are there any differences between the Mac & Windows versions?
Both are exactly the same.

I see you have an interactive demo on your homepage. Is there any difference between this and the version I install?
The differences are small, the interactive demo shows a database of Adobe fonts, some features like font activation and font scanning are disabled.

Does TypeDNA make copies of font files?
No, all fonts remain in their original locations.

Do you offer special pricing for Students, Colleges, Universities and High Schools?
We strongly believe in encouraging the use and understanding of typography. We are happy to giveaway evaluation licenses to places of education. We also offer students a 30% discount off the standard retail price. Please contact us for more information.