TypeDNA 2.7.1

new features
  • Support for subscription based licensing
TypeDNA 2.6.3

bug fixes
  • Fixed plug-in startup issue on Windows
new features
  • Support for subscription based licensing
TypeDNA 2.7.0

new features
  • Support for Adobe CC 2014
TypeDNA 2.6.2

bug fixes
  • Support for OS X 10.10
  • Support for high resolution displays
TypeDNA 2.6.0

new features
  • Support for OS X's built in auto activation feature, which can be selectively enabled for applications in the preferences
TypeDNA 2.5.1

bug fixes
  • Fixed font activation related issues
TypeDNA 2.5.0

new features
  • Improved desktop integration
TypeDNA 2.4.0

new features
  • TypeDNA FontEdge for identifying fonts on images
TypeDNA 2.3.1

new features
  • Digitally signed executables
bug fixes
  • Fixed textual search problem in Plug-in and AIR Font Manager
  • Fixed bug which caused the Native Font Manager to remain stuck at the finishing stage while scanning
  • Fixed communication issues in the trial version of Plug-in and AIR Font Manager
TypeDNA 2.3.0

new features
  • Native Font Manager application
TypeDNA 2.2.1

new features
  • Automatic software updates
  • Removing font data from library
  • Custom scan paths
TypeDNA 2.2.0

new features
  • New licensing system
  • Font Store with in software purchases
  • Family view
  • Print functions
  • Zip Fonts for export
TypeDNA 2.1.2

bug fixes
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Lion
  • Fixed issues on some Windows versions
TypeDNA 2.1.1

new features
  • Web fonts channels, download and use web fonts direct from Google in Adobe CS6
  • New filters: symbol, monospaced
  • Temporary font activation
  • Font list performance improvements
  • Drop box: Drop fonts on drop box to scan fonts
  • FontManager - copy a character from the character map
  • Font validation on MacOS, clearer warning messages during scanning
  • Save FM/plugin mode and tabs expanded state as preferences
  • Jump to font: The letters on the keyboard jump to the alpha position
  • Preference apply tools to group
  • Save active unicode ranges as preference
  • Save window position and dimension as preferences
bug fixes
  • Fixed scrolling issue - lose scroll position when font manager becomes active
  • Fixed bug for saving preferences in CS6 plugins on Windows
  • fixed Windows Type1 font activation issues
  • Fixed Font activation problems on MacOS
  • Fixed registration issues
  • Fixed similarity issues for fonts added after the initial scan